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What's new at our company...

The birth of a concept 2004-2006
The history
The ColorBalanceCoach disc was developped as the answer to hundreds of questions received by Jean-Francois O'Kane, The Studio Coach, while hosting trainings and seminars. Is there a simple way? Is there a better way? I'm not an engineer how can I master my new digital camera? Before it was easy, now I miss many pictures? Grey card? The color of skin tone is never the same in my picture... The tools I use only do so much, I need 2 or 3 tools.

Research, developpement and Innovations
Fabric, size, shape, reflectivity, densitometry, market study, supplier and copyright.

This is what occupies the first 18 months of a project. Thanks to many sponsors who offered me the possibility to meet so many peoples. I have heard and listened to their questions: here is the solution: TheColorBalanceCoach

Quality Control May 2006 - July 2006
As the first sample is received, testing went on and changes were made to adjust the product to the idea. After receiving the final prototype, the final testing with real life situation began and was proven perfect. Independent photographers are testing the ColorBalanceDisc with the same satisfaction.

The first production disc is not yet out, and Booth Photographic has announced the coverage of the Canadian market through it's network of 150 plus dealers in Canada.

Line of products
During the testing stage, photographers have indicated the need for a larger ColorBalanceCoach, so the original 20" will be the small of the family where there is now a 32" and a 48". Also 18% grey disc will be available in 8", 20" and 32" for large groups and video work.

Distribution in France
We are happy to announce an agreement with Samuel Malarik, PlancheContact.com who will be distributing the ColorBalanceCoach products in France.